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Swirling Lights Miscellaneous Song
Wishful Thinking - Xar Miscellaneous Song
Frantic Factory (Redone) Video Game Song
Xar's Party Beat Dance Song
Back When... Miscellaneous Song
As A Kid Miscellaneous Song
A Grand Return Miscellaneous Song
Friction (Demo) Miscellaneous Song
Whoo Song Ambient Song
The Things I Do At 5am Ambient Song
Tetris Theme Redone (Xarosas) Video Game Song
Nomadic Travels Blues Song
Time to Get Serious! Techno Song
Leave it all Behind Techno Song
Escaping Execution Techno Song
Loooking Into the Night Sky Trance Song
Thinking In Prison Techno Song
Why Use Magic I Gotz Science Techno Song
Battle II Techno Song
Battle I Techno Song
Tune Out The World Trance Song
The Bomb-omb Factory Techno Song