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Wow... How long has it been?

2011-07-06 04:04:18 by Xarosas

Havent logged in to Newgrounds in a while now...
well Shan thanks for getting me off of my ass and to make a song :D (probably would've stopped making music)

anyway i have a new song that i feel is garbage but i need comments on it

soo check it out if u want and i'll try to make some more stuff :P

Im back... sorta

2011-02-03 15:57:16 by Xarosas

Well yeah.... i've come out with 2 new songs (As a kid, and Back when...)
now i wouldn't call them my best works ever but its a start...

Anyway tomy friends reading this (Shan and OL)
I just want to thank you guys for the support in my semi-trecherous times

Though i'm bellyaching about it i appreciate the kind words and the positive attitude :D
Anyway i just wanted to say i'll try to make more music more often, and get better as i do just that

Until then, I'll see u on the audio portal


Horrible News

2011-01-04 18:09:11 by Xarosas

Rescently, my main computer (on which i use FL Studio's Demo) got a virus.
I still don't have the funds for FL Studio, and before i ould do anything, the computer shut down.
I had a guy over to try to save my files but instead he reset my computer.

Therefore all of my 2010 submitions have been deleted and can never be recovered.
This is a very sad time.

Though i cannot edit my songs, I will try to make new ones that throughly outshine my previous works.
I really hope i come to imprive my music making skills this time around.

Though there is hope at the end of this tunnel of dispair. I am still sad about losing my files.

Well until my next song, i'll see u on the audio portal.


I'm pretty new to newgrounds

2010-10-15 17:51:36 by Xarosas

Hey newgrounds just here to say hello to the community
I'm working on the FL Studio 9 demo and trying to get better each time I submit
Check it out and if u have any suggestions please feel free to give me your input


I'm pretty new to newgrounds